Amazon’s bizarre "Free HDMI cable" deal

Sony don’t include an HDMI cable with the UK’s PlayStation 3 console (40GB version). But, if you buy it from Amazon, they’ll give you an HDMI cable free - if you ask for it.

As Jacob Nielsen (usability expert) said: Amazon is no longer the role model for e-commerce design. I totally agree. I completely missed the opportunity to get a free HDMI cable, and I blame their UI.

It’s my own fault. I’ve become a bit lazy, and trust Amazon to do the right thing. I buy stuff from them quite regularly, and the only thing I really check is (a) the price, and (b) is it really being sold by Amazon (or one of their market-place sellers.)

I missed seeing the offer completely! As I write, Amazon are flogging the PS3 for £279. Right below it they show an HDMI cable as a “perfect partner” - to buy with the PS3 for £299.98 - i.e. it looks like the cable costs £19.99.

I may be a cheap-skate, but I wouldn’t spend £20 on a random cable - I’d either buy as cheap a no-name brand as possible (£5 or £10), or double-up and spend £40 on a brand I trust (QED or Ixos.)

Anyhow. It turns out that if you go for the £299.98 deal, Amazon take the £20 off at checkout time… you don’t even have to mail-in a rebate form. I find that a little misleading… on the one hand it’s great that they’re giving away a free HDMI cable - and on the other, they’re pretending it’s not.

I guess I’m just miffed because I didn’t read the small-print and completely missed the deal. I’m said to say I lost a little faith in Amazon today.

If they’d surprised me with the cable I’d be delighted, and shout their praises. As it is, I’m a little saddened, and feel I have to pore over every product page in future. My casual shopping days are over.