Upgrade your new Macbook Pro’s memory yourself, and earn a free iPod (or two)

Apple are marking the launch of the iPhone by keeping all their US stores open from 6pm till midnight. I suspect the sales-process will be slow (since contracts need to be signed) and the stores will be full of people picking up random goods just to pass the time.

Not that this has anything to do with the iPhone, but if you’re going to buy a MacBook Pro with the full 4GB memory you have to make a decision: 1) MacBook Pro with 4GB memory installed by Apple 2) MacBook Pro with 4GB memory you installed, PLUS an 80GB iPod Video, PLUS an iPod Shuffle

It’s your choice. Installing memory is a piece of cake: pop the battery out and take off the memory cover (4 screws), replace old memory with new memory, then put the cover and battery back on. All in, it’s a couple of minutes.

So, the Maths: (with an ‘S’, because I’m English.)

  UK Price US Price
Apple Upgrade Charge (2GB to 4GB) £480 $750
4GB memory (from Crucial) £180 $279
Saving £300 $471

That’s some juicy saving… Let’s buy some iPods:

  UK Price US Price
Apple iPod Video 80GB £239 $350
Apple iPod Shuffle £49 $79
Total £288 $429
Remaining Savings £12 $42

Even after buying two iPods, you still have money left from your savings to buy drinks to celebrate.

Now I’m not going to moan about the rubbish exchange rate being used - I think we’re accustomed to being stiffed in Britain; but I will say something in Apple’s defence: they’re not alone. Dell also charge similarly extortionate prices for memory upgrades on their laptops. I’m not been writing about Dell for two reasons: (1) I’ve no idea if their laptop memory’s as easy to replace, and (2) they don’t make iPods.

And finally. Back to the iPhone. Instead of blowing your $470 savings on iPods, you could always use it for the majority payment of your iPhone (whether it be the $499 or $599 version.)

Good luck to those of you trying to get your grubby mitts on an iPhone tonight.