Upgrading WordPress using mysqli

Out-of-the-box WordPress assumes it’s going to be talking to a MySQL database using PHP’s original mysql extension instead of the newer mysqli extension (true up to WordPress 2.1.3 at least). […]

sprintf for JavaScript

Avoid writing formatting functions in JavaScript by grabbing yourself a decent sprintf implementation – handling padding, truncation, floating-point numbers, left/right alignment and re-ordered arguments. You can download sprintf for JavaScript, […]

The importance of being !important

There are plenty of good articles describing how CSS specificity is calculated for normal rule-sets, but the !important modifier is often ignored or overlooked. However, with a little manipulation, !important […]

Numbers in form-fields

JavaScript is often used for client-side form validation to save unnecessary round-trips to the server. Unfortunately, lots of client-side validation relies on lenient JavaScript methods such as parseInt, allowing numbers […]