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Google: Where art thou time conversion?

I love the fact you can use Google to perform basic calculations and conversions. Once you know your currency codes, currency conversion couldn’t be simpler: 100 USD in GBP And Maths? As well as your basic arithmetic operators, it also

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Getting git to work on OS X Tiger

If you haven’t heard of git yet, it’s quickly becoming the preferred version-control system for tons of open-source projects, including the twin suns of ruby on rails and prototype. In fact, if you keep your eye on the github blog

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SVN log message encoding problem

It’s good practice to put useful commentary in the log message whenever you commit code to a repository. Today, I wrote a log message about centigrade and farenheit conversions, using the proper degree symbol °, but this triggered an encoding

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Tweaking PNG transparency with ImageMagick

This took me way too long to find out, so I thought I’d blog here and hopefully save someone else some time. ImageMagick is a great swiss-army-knife type tool, with a shed-load of options for converting and combining images. Unfortunately,

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Fixing mysqldump character-encoding in Vim

If you find yourself in a position where your mysqldump backup/restore process isn’t working, it’s worth checking for character-encoding issues – and the best way to do this is often to look at the SQL in your backup file. To

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