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Bloody hosting providers

Choosing a hosting provider can be a difficult process, especially when you’re on a budget. I’m heavily involved with ewelike, a product information and price-comparison site that we’re slowly improving as we integrate more price and information feeds. Of course

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PHP grievance number 1

There’s a lot to hate about PHP. Maybe that’s harsh: nothing’s perfect, every language has it’s strength and weaknesses, and noone ever suggested using PHP for everything. Bearing that in mind, I’m using PHP daily, and you get used to

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Amazon’s bizarre “Free HDMI cable” deal

Sony don’t include an HDMI cable with the UK’s PlayStation 3 console (40GB version). But, if you buy it from Amazon, they’ll give you an HDMI cable free – if you ask for it. As Jacob Nielsen (usability expert) said:

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UK Petition: Ban the Bog Troll

Officially known as bathroom attendants, the bog troll lurks in bars and clubs, interrupting customers’ casual hygiene routine by obstructing sinks and hand-dryers and extorting money for performing such mundane tasks as turning on taps and distributing paper towels. The

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How to skip DVD intros

No-one enjoys the force-fed FBI, F.A.C.T. and Copyright propaganda on DVDs. Thankfully, there are ways of skipping them.

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