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PHP Session Management (grievance 2)

Sometimes PHP surprises you with an easy-to-use feature, like sessions. Sessions are quite easy to use in PHP. One call to @session_start(), and you have a magic global called $_SESSION to store data in; associated with the user using a

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PHP grievance number 1

There’s a lot to hate about PHP. Maybe that’s harsh: nothing’s perfect, every language has it’s strength and weaknesses, and noone ever suggested using PHP for everything. Bearing that in mind, I’m using PHP daily, and you get used to

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Upgrading WordPress using mysqli

Out-of-the-box WordPress assumes it’s going to be talking to a MySQL database using PHP’s original mysql extension instead of the newer mysqli extension (true up to WordPress 2.1.3 at least). If for some reason you need to run using mysqli,

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A handy PHP debug function

Like most developers, I often find it useful to spit out a few messages in the middle of a PHP script – especially when I’m debugging some problems. Sadly, after only a few months our pristine code-base has become spotted

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