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Getting git to work on OS X Tiger

If you haven’t heard of git yet, it’s quickly becoming the preferred version-control system for tons of open-source projects, including the twin suns of ruby on rails and prototype. In fact, if you keep your eye on the github blog

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In search of an Adobe Reader alternative on Mac

I’m looking for an alternative to Adobe Reader on OS X after discovering its “Find” function can’t find jack. As I’m still running Tiger (OS X 10.4) I find Preview to be a tad lacking in usability – if only

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Upgrade your new Macbook Pro’s memory yourself, and earn a free iPod (or two)

Apple are marking the launch of the iPhone by keeping all their US stores open from 6pm till midnight. I suspect the sales-process will be slow (since contracts need to be signed) and the stores will be full of people

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